• halocandles

Commit to a Daily Practice of Self Love

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This is your time, time to just be, time to do whatever makes you feel good. This might mean sitting quietly with a cup of tea, having a long bubble bath, catching up with a friend for coffee, going for a walk or doing a yoga class, a daily meditation or spiritual practice. Whatever you choose, it needs to be time for you however you choose to spend it.

Stop being a people pleaser! Now this may sound selfish and I am sure that many of you have never put yourself first or may not know how this is done or where to start. This may even be a scary thought for you, because you have always made everything and everyone else a priority in your life and putting yourself may mean having to say “NO”.

It is not selfish to put yourself first, but rather imperative as it allows us to change for the better. If we are worn out and frazzled, we don’t have the mental and physical capacity to give our best to others, so take good care of yourself, nurture yourself, as it will give you the resources to care for others and allow you to be the best version of yourself